About Asthetic

How do art lovers approach their passions for experiencing the creative efforts of the artists? Its an impossible answer since there are so many ways people approach their participation in the arts. Having been involved with visual art as an artist, gallery worker, and museum goer over the years, two common approaches have been consistently observed.


The first groups are those who move through a exhibit looking for the work that speaks to them. A work that they can sit in front of for a long time while placing the artists name in their memory for future reference.

The second approach are those who enter an exhibition spaces and, before doing anything, they read about the artist and the work they are going to be looking at. In a gallery setting they seek out the artist asking a variety questions on the what/how/why of their exhibit of works. In a museum setting they will most likely read all of the accompanying text on works before looking a them in order to know what is going on in the works.

Either way, both groupings enjoy and appreciate the efforts of those who have dedicated their professional lives to the processes of creativity which is immense when one takes into account the galleries, museums, and support professionals involved with presenting the vast quantity of artworks.

The goal of this website, is to be sensitive to different ways we look at art works. A "Breeze through" page has been added which allows a quick look  through of the works in their order of creation. For those who want more, a dedicated narrative page that addresses the what/how/why of each work has been provided. Either way, it is with gratitude that I thank you for spending time with this body of work.