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Short & Simple Title

Bonesaw: Antique surgeon' bonesaw, plexiglass, etching.
14"x 24"   2019     ($15,000)

While completing "No Collusion" and getting it crated for shipping, I had already been thinking and working out new aspects of function for my "things". Then came an announcement of the disappearance and brutal assassination of an American Journalist, Jamal Khashoggi  over the media. It suggested that a bazar plan by Mohammad Ben Salman, of the Royal Family, and an elite Arab military death squad called the "tiger squad" had carried out Khashoggi's assassination. The Trump administration remained silent. It was alleged "MBS" had decided that Mr. Khashoggi's view of Arab Royal family politics and governance was a threat to their authority and therefore had to be silenced
There were serious contradictions from Trump insisting that he knew nothing about the situation, and his relationship between MBS and the Trump family. There was evidence that Trump's son in law Jared Kushner, acting on behalf of Donald Trump, approved of the assassination with the understanding that the US would not get involved. Most disturbing was that Mr. Khashoggi was a US citizen. The lies associated with the event were so compelling that I lost interest in working with my "things". The question then became what kind of thing could be used to create a visual work around this terrible event. Eventually, thanks to the Turkish secret service, details of the murder were released to the media laying out the methodology of how Mr. Khashoggi was dismembered using a surgical saw and his parts secreted away from the Saudi consulate in Istanbul while one of the assassins' donned Khashoggi's cloths to walk out of the consulate to cover up the event. The plan was to lie about the disappearance by saying that on Oct. 2 Mr. Khashoggi entered the consulate, obtained his marriage documents and left. That plan was immediately identified as a lie because Mr. Khashoggi's betrothed was outside the consulate on the sidewalk waiting for her husband "to be" to exit the consulate so they could return to America and be married. He never did exit the building. 
I did some research and found an antique dealer in New England willing to sell me an antique bone saw as a first step. Once it was in the studio, the question became how it would function as art. After many thoughts and different sketches, I settled on a very clean and cold look using sleek corporate black and clear plexiglass. Across the blade of the saw I had high pressure water jet technology etch the Arabic word for "lies" through its blade. Clear plexiglass was used to shield the saw with the hand etched English word "lies" in grid form written across it so that one would have to look through the English "lies" to see the bone saw's Arabic lies. Once assembled it was mounted on a glossy black background of plexiglass. The intent of the look was to project a clean, emotionless, and corporate aura that needed no metaphor which is a contradiction because after its completion, the work could bee seen to represent methodologies associated with a totalitarian mindset that achieves goals void of conscience. 


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