John Affolter

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No longer not yet:Das Schaufenster Gallery, Seattle  2020 (Curator's Choice)


Vashon Center for the Arts: Solo show 2021

Solo Exhibition


The most challenging creative processes come when artistic process and technique collides with the unknown of real time, place and circumstance. Making visual sense of one's culture is an honored tradition met with the expectation of hitting the mark. First, a work of time and place must accurately convey the humanity or inhumanity of the moment. Second, it has to be appreciated for its artistic skill and accepted as a work of art. Finally, it has to transcend itself in meaning by addressing universal human values. 
This body, beginning in 2016, attempted to follow these principles while focused on the social impact of the 45th Presidency.
As creative organizing began in the studio, an emerging theme began to narrow the focus. It was about the exercise of public communication and questionable  tactics being used by those in political power. The series ended on January 20, 2021 with the departure of the 45th President and the inaugural of the 46th President of the United States. There will be books written and doctorates awarded over the four years between 2016 and 2020. This body is only part of a greater artistic effort across the nation in this extraordinary time, place and circumstance that collided with the creative process.


 Democracy project: The Canary